2013 Schedule

PrimalFest 2013 will take place on a private property near Fonthill, Ontario. This rural homestead is nestled between a forested hillside and a large wetland and spring-fed tributary of the 12-Mile Creek. This inaugural event is happening on Saturday, August 24, 2013, from 11:30 am to 8:00 pm.

EVENT DATE August 24, 2013 

11:30am  Registration – Clan Assignment

12:00pm Introductions to Presenters and an overview of the day

1:00pm – 5:00pm Fundamentals Circuit – With your Clan you will circuit through four human fundamentals which include:
*Optimal Health Talk with Dr. Richard Houghton
*Primal Movement Patterning with Gavin Dobias
*Medicinal and Edible Plant Walk with Dr. Shawn Manske
*Outdoor Yoga with Cheryl Dobias

5:00pm Group Drumming and African Dance Class led by Dr. Isaac Nii Akrong

6:30pm – 8:00pm Paleo Dinner, followed by a performance by AfriDance

PrimalFest’s format is based on a circuit during which participants, organized into “clans”, will move between four sessions, including: a discussion about the fundamentals of primal living and
health (Optimal Health Talk with chiropractor Dr. Richard Houghton);
a workshop exploring how our bodies were intended to move (Primal Movement Patterning with personal trainer/Kinesiologist Gavin Dobias), a field survey of local native plants that are edible and heal (Medicinal Plant Walk with naturopath Dr. Shawn Manske), and a gentle and relaxing yoga session in an outstanding natural setting (Outdoor Yoga with registered yoga teacher Cheryl Dobias). Following this “Fundamentals Circuit”, participants will experience a group drumming and African dance class led by Dr. Isaac Nii Akrong, founder and leader of Toronto’s African Dance Ensemble and educator of African culture at York University. The evening will wrap up with a dinner featuring a menu of healthy and invigorating primal foods, followed by a performance by AfriDance.

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