The first festival of its kind, PrimalFest is an
interactive primal experience, celebrating all that it
means to be alive and well.

Currently, the opportunities to immerse one-self in learning about this powerful aspect of health are very limited.  It is our mission to provide an awakening experience in which people can step away from the aspects of everyday living that deteriorate health and re-connect with the fundamentals of human well-being.

Dr. Richard Houghton, Chiropractor and Director at Niagara Performance Health

Gavin Dobias, BA Kinesiology Personal Trainer and Director of Kinetic Synergy

Dr. Shawn Manske, Naturopathic Doctor at Niagara Performance Health

Dr. Isaac Nii Akrong, PhD Ethnomusicology, Founder and Leader, African Dance Ensemble

Cheryl Dobias, BA, MA, Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200)

An exciting experience exploring the fundamentals of being human.

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